BlackLight, born Reginald DeVore Jr., was born in Central America and raised in TX. An early musician - from the church choir to high school band and, eventually, the Recording Conservatory of Austin, TX - he has an affinity for music in its various forms. After a two year internship at Matchbox Studios, he continues to produce and engineer music for bands from across the United States. Since 2017, BlackLight has been producing his own works as a Hip Hop artist. 

The audio-engineer-turned-artist and his co-producer/drummer, Wisüchee, describe his music as "anthem" music, touching on socio political themes as necessary. BlackLight's album, "King Vibez Only," is a collective reflection of his daily slogan - "Make a way for yourself, and don't let anyone slow down your hustle."

BlackLight has performed at music festivals such as Red Gorilla, Rhyme Time!, and recently opened for Katy

Perry and Dua Lipa as a guest artist in the November 2019 OnePlus Music Festival in Mumbai, India. BlackLight was an official artist for SXSW Music Festival 2020. 

Publications such as EASTside Magazine, Almost Real Things Magazine, Brash Magazine and a forthcoming eight-page spread in OnePlus' magazine, Addition, have highlighted BlackLight's works.

Future and ongoing projects include production for his second album, as well as a collaboration with Dub Equis - EDM/Jazz band based in Austin, TX. 

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