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Full-Time - Album by BlackLight


BlackLight is an American independent Hip Hop performing artist based in Austin, TX, whose personal brand of Hip Hop is a reflection of his daily slogan: "Make a way for yourself, and don't let anyone slow down your hustle." Drummer, Wisüchee, and live engineer, Derek Moorhead co-produce with BlackLight to create refreshingly contemporary anthems, touching on socio-political themes as necessary.

In November 2019, BlackLight performed at the OnePlus Music Festival in Mumbai, India as a special guest, opening for Dua Lipa and Katy Perry. Further accomplishments for BlackLight include featuring in a commercial and recent music video for OnePlus, releasing his first full-length album in December 2019, a highlight in the February 2020 issue of EASTside Magazine, and an eight-page story in the June edition of Addition Magazine. BlackLight released his second album, titled "Full-Time," in October 2020 and his latest single, "Sometimes," in February 2021.

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