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BlackLight is an American independent Hip Hop performing artist based in Austin, TX. The audio engineer-turned-Hip Hop artist has been creating music since 2015. His 2017 release, "Colder" and 2018 release, "Crying AF", both placed semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only International Songwriting Competition, and he hopes to take his newest projects further in this year's competition.


BlackLight's style of Hip Hop leans toward Conscious Rap at times, and comes full circle with contemporary club banging anthems. "I believe music should move people," says BlackLight. "I want to get people moving - sometimes with hard, in-your-face anthems, and sometimes with the cold, hard realities of living in America as a Black man."


BlackLight is currently promoting his upcoming Full Album, "King Vibez Only", which will be released December 2019.     

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