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Full-Time - Album by BlackLight


BlackLight is an American independent Hip Hop performing artist based in Austin, TX, whose personal brand of Hip Hop is a reflection of his daily slogan: "Make a way for yourself, and don't let anyone slow down your hustle." Drummer, Wisüchee, and live engineer, Derek Moorhead co-produce with BlackLight to create refreshingly contemporary anthems, touching on socio-political themes as necessary.

In November 2019, BlackLight performed at the OnePlus Music Festival in Mumbai, India as a special guest, opening for Dua Lipa and Katy Perry. Further accomplishments for BlackLight include featuring in a commercial and recent music video for OnePlus, releasing his first full-length album in December 2019, a highlight in the February 2020 issue of EASTside Magazine, and an eight-page story in the June edition of Addition Magazine. BlackLight released his second album, titled "Full-Time," in October 2020 and his latest single, "Sometimes," in February 2021.

Song written and produced by BlackLight and Wisüchee in collaboration with OnePlus via Headbang Recordings. Music video created in collaboration with the OnePlus community. 

Heart with Mine (feat. June Huang)

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